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LiderPack is a growing supplier of fresh fruit and vegetables packaging and equipment for weighing, processing, storing, transporting and pre-packing of agro-industrial goods. Thanks to high-quality wares and our flexible approach to customers we have become one of Russia’s biggest suppliers in our field.


Our goal is maintaining long-term mutually beneficial relations with our current and future customers and enhancing our clients’ competitiveness. We work with major agricultural producers, smaller farms, wholesale markets, production companies, medium and minor retailers. Companies working in the sphere of growing, pre-packing, storing and selling agricultural production know us as a reliable supplier of fruit and vegetables packaging.


LiderPack was launched in 2008 as a packaging materials seller. In 2010 we expanded the assortment of expendables offered and started selling equipment. Now LiderPack is one of Russia’s major companies in its sphere. We provide expendables and equipment for every stage of pre-selling preparation of fruit and vegetables to our customers in all regions of Russia


We are always looking out for innovative technologies for working with fresh fruit and vegetables to help our customers grow in the agricultural market and would be glad to cooperate with any international partners as well as with packaging and equipment producers.


To discuss cooperation, please contact our company:


LiderPack's Saint Petersburg office 

28, Marshala Novikove str., Saint Petersburg 197375

+7(812) 602-09-40  

+ 7 (812) 602-09-40 

Sales team: sales@liderpack.net

Procurement and advertising unit: info@liderpack.net

Skype: lider-pack


We are doing everything to ensure that our customers are the best in their sphere and achieve great results in their business.